Artiste esthéte

A pilgrim
shaping the light.
Between an artist
and a craftsman
Exploring his sense
of beauty

“I no longer exist when I draw”

My being becomes one with infinity, in an ecstatic dance performed at the level of a body that only knows how to be present.
My latest works

Christos Φ

A wandering consciousness through the entropy of this reality in search of beauty and aesthetic desires that push him to move the body it inhabits.

Since his early childhood, he discovered that he could express his ideas of beauty on a two-dimensional surface and since then, he has never stopped this quest, this emotion that drives him to mark sheets of paper. Perhaps it is a spiritual quest for divinity that automatically operates within him. It's stronger than him, he can't fight it because it is anchored deep within himself. His being needs to express images and ideas that do not necessarily require words.

He sees himself as a pilgrim who shapes light in the hope of achieving a universal expression.

Philosophical refletions

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